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Դ֡ Ѻ 2/2555
֧ ͧἹмʹ㨷ءҹ
ͧ¾ͧͺз㹨©Ѻ 1 /2555 ׺ͧҨҡ˵ػѨ С ¹ҺҼҹءз 觾ͨШѺѧ âԹ͹ Էаҹ ˹觶âͧѵҨҧ ǹͧ͡ ¾ ѧ ѺѺú к֧͡ҡӺҡ صԸ㹡÷ӧҹ õͺѹ ͵ͺͧ Тͧêͼʺط ͧἹԺѵԡûШӻ 2555 ἹѲҤسҾ֡Ң鹾鹰ҹ֡ 2555-2558 ФѺ
㹡õԴͧԹ͹ 15,000 ҷ ҵͧ֡Ңͺҹ жԺŨҡ˹úз㨼Դ 繷ѴਹǤѺ Ѱ Թ͹Ѻ診ԭҵ еӡһԭҵ 1 Ҥ 2555 Թ͹ǡҤͧվ ҡѺ 15,000 ҷ/12,285 ҷ/9,000 ҷ ó зǧäѧ͡º˹觩Ѻ Ҵ¡èԹҤͧվǤǢͧҪ١ҧШǹҪ ֧Ҫº к繢Ҫ١ҧШ º ֧ ١ҧǤǴ 鹵͹ ѧѴͧ͡ зͧԡԹҡѭաҧФѧѧѴ ѺҪþѡҹҪ١ҧǹҧеҧѧѴӴѺ ҡ÷͡Ѻ˹§ҹúؤ Һ 繢Ҫþ͹Թ 繢Ҫäкؤҡ÷ҧ֡ ͧ͡ ... й ... ١ҧǤǵͧ͵ŧѺѭաҧ зǧäѧ йӹѡºἹ ʾ.ͧ͵ŧѧѭաҧзǧäѧ Ѻԭҵբ 15,000 ҷ Сͺ¤ѭҢҴԡĵ/ѵҨҧ ʾ./çþҪ/ٸá/Labboy/ҢҢҴŹ/Է-Ե/Էҡ ѺѵҨҧ͢ 9,000 ҷ Сͺ ѡç/ѡҹմ/ѡҹѺö/ѡҤʹ/ѡҹӤҴ/ز Ǫ. ./§硾ԡ/ٴ硾ѡ͹ ѵҨҧѧǹ 65,172 駺Թҹҡ ʾ. ѺѵҨҧ ʾ. ç¹ҧͧ ʾ.ç¹ͧҧҳͧ ҹͧ ͧ㨷 ʾ./ç¹ ӺҡеͧԹ仨ͧ ѵҨҧ ͹ ѹǵͧҨ 駢Ҫ١ҧШ/Ǥ ء ѺԹԡԹ͹㹪ǧ չҤ 2555 ǹҪ Һҧ繷ҧҨաûѺԹ͹աͺ˹
ͧ ࢵ㹡зԹ 15,000 ҷ Ҥ繡âͧࢵ鹷 ҡ ʾ. ѧ觡ࢵԹ ¤Ѻ ͧҡբ鹵͹ͧԹõ¹ҵ Ӷҡ پ§ 15,000 ҷ ѵҨҧࢵç¹ҧͧ 15,000 ҷ ӵͺǹФѺ

©Ѻ 1/2555 ˵ءóǡѺúçҹؤ㹺ҧѧǹ˭кҧ ¤ ˴ ҵ˹觢ͧͧѵҨҧ 蹤 ¤šըԧ 礧ͧ仴٢ͧԧѧ йǫŹ ԤѺ 觻ԹšôԹҹ OFSTED ERO ӴѺ Ẻբ鹵͹Ѻ Թա͡ ѧաж١á᫧ (餹ҷ᷹) Ҥաѡ˭ Ѻ ͹繷 ç¹ԴԷҹó ͡͡к سѺҵͺ᷹٧ ӧҹ աûԹŧҹѺ
㹢й зѵҨҧǤѡɳжҡ ¢ѺТ áѡѹ繾ѡҹҪá͹ աѡѡ֧¢Ѻ蹤ҡ鹵ӴѺ ͧͧͧӹѡѲкçҹؤйԵԡ(ʾ.) ʹ. 觹͹ͧ ͧͧἹ й 2 ˹觤 ʴ Թ ˹觵令͸á ʾ. ʹ͵˹蹤Ǻ仴 ѧ鹢ͧѵҨҧ¤µԴǡǡѹ ѺѵҨҧҨ Է-Ե , ѭҢҴ٢ԡĵ , ç¹Ҫ , ҢҢҴŹ ҹյ˹觶âͧҹ ټ·ࢵҧ Դͺ Դ͡ҹ㹡ǵҾ жջʺó㹡͹ 㺻СͺԪҪվ ǹٸáо§ ֧ҨШԭҵ㺻СԪҪվ Էͺ㹡ǵҾ Էͺè繤ټẺԤѺ ਵͧ˹觸ááسѺЧҹҹ͹͡ ٨ӡ͹ ѧ ͧá÷¹ҧ 㺻СͺԪҪվ Ъͺ͹ѡ¹ 繤٤Ѻ

ἹԺѵԡûШӻ 2555 / ἹѲҤسҾ֡һ 2555-2558
չ繻շҷѺѡҧἹ֡ҧҡ ЧҳҡһԶ֧ 5 ͹ ֧ ... ҳ 2555 мҹ͹ Ҥ 2555 ͹Ҿѹ ҳǹաͧѧú ѭըѴþǤѺ Ҩ繧ͧࢵ 5+3 4+3 ѺࢵжѸ ӴѺ ( 2 ҹ) ѧ͡ѺҹŢҸԡǡѺҹº¡֡͡էҹ 觺ҧࢵѺ 1 ҹҷ ࢵͨЪҧԴѡ蹡ѹ ǹͧԹ͹ Է°ҹ ¹(¹ 1/2554 Ҥ¹ 2/2555) 駧ѲҤسҾ 觢йἹԺѵԡûШӻ 2555 ͧ ʾ. º ѺἹ 4 2555-2558 աûѺاա硹 ˹ࢵἹ 4 ͹Ҥ ͢Ѻ͹չҤ 2555 Ѻ з觺 55 ˹ й駧ҳ 2556 ǤѺ ੾¨¢鹵 ˹º ·ҹԴ˹ѧ觡âͧӹѡҳ ͧ駧ҳ¨¢鹵 觡Ƕ֧੾Чؤҡ (Թ͹ Ҩҧ Ш Է°ҹ) Թҹ ŧع١ѹͧµ ҹǡ絡ѵҨҧ駧ҳ ¹ҺѵҨҧǤ繧Թҹç/żԵ 繧Ѳ繧Ш ء˹觷Ѻ áèաҳ 5,000 ѵ ˵ؼŷ¹ҺǤѺ ѺѵҨҧ㹻 2555 ¹ҺҨҧú 12 ͹ ҳ ͹Ѻ ҡҳ͹ҪҤͧͤ͹ҡ ʾ./ç¹ 駺ҳ蹷ͧͧ 仡͹() ͧ բѭ ѧ çӧҹ(СԹ ͹Ѻ ѹ) ҷաҳ 7 ͹ 绯Ժѵԧҹǹ˭ ҹ繾 ͧþѲҤйѡ¹ҹѧ ѡСͧ쾡(Tablet) ѡҾѡ¹ þѲç¹¹ ѰշҹѨغѹվ鹰ҹҹɰʵ ѧ鹨ԹҹǶ֧ͧԷҾ㹡èѴ Ҥ Ƕ֧ 繸 ҡ 鹡¹ŧǹѡ¹ҡ繾 㴷Դŵ͹ѡ¹ ص 繹º·ʹѺʹعй任Ժѵҧ
¹ ءҹդآ㹡÷ӧҹ ѡͧ ѡ͹ ѡѧѡǴ ʴդѺ Ǿѹ Ѻ˹ 3/2555

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  ҹ ըҹз 䢢ͧ͢ ѺǡҺؤҡ÷ҧ֡ ա¡з鹷㹷ҧ ͹ҹѷ ͪ蹪駡зҹ ѧҹ Т繡ѧѹСѹ  
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  Iceland experienced
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  such as those that
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  Im hopeful that the accountability that the judge is putting around these batterers will help change their behavior, she said. The options for them, if they dont follow his guidelines, are they are going to go to the penitentiary. Thats the bottom line.
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  should significantl
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  Trivial pursui
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  Wir hatten immerhin sechs Schlafpl??tze unserem Caravan.
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  Weil es ? und da komme ich wieder zum queeren Ansatz ? etwas wie weiblich nur als Zuschreibung, symbolisch eben, gibt.
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  Diesmal dauerte es l?nger als beim ersten Mal und die Schmerzen im Bauch wurden unertr?glich.
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  Am sch?nsten w?re es nun nicht mehr alles alleine machen zu m?ssen.
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